YMCA Annual Senior Healthy Living Fair

YMCA SENIOR HEALTHY LIVING FAIR GUEST SPEAKER Katie Munoz of Moving Forward, Inc.       YOU WILL ENJOY Tips culled from 13 years experience in the field of move management Downsizing and decluttering strategies Resource lists to make your move faster and easier Answers to your questions after the presentation Attend mini lectures offered by […]

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What about Old Meds?

Disposing of Old Medications Have you ever noticed how items in the bathroom cupboard multiply?  I know that those little bottles and tubes are romancing each other in the dark.  My proof is the way they go through regular population explosions all over the bathroom counter. I know you know what I’m talking about. Medications […]

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Seniors in Transition Seminar, September 18, 2017

State Accredited Class for Real Estate Brokers Want to help your senior clients through relocating and downsizing and still have time to focus on the real estate transaction? Learn how to streamline the “Transition of a Lifetime.” Transition of a Lifetime Transition of a Lifetime Supporting the Senior Client 3 Continuing Education Credits Monday, September 18, […]

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The Senior’s Guide to Eating an Elephant

  DOWNSIZING FROM YOUR LONG-TIME FAMILY HOME ONE BITE AT A TIME!   UPCOMING SEMINAR! Featuring Kirk Vaux, the Eastside’s premier downsizing realtor and Katie Munoz, of Moving Forward, Inc.   YOU WILL LEARN: Current Eastside real estate market conditions The 5 must-have conversations prior to moving Your senior housing options What to do with […]

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The Gift Stalemate

Most of us accumulate too much stuff over time. When the stuff starts to prevent us from using the cupboards easily, then most of us just stuff the excess into the closet. And when the closet gets too full…well, yes, that strategy has a limited time of effectiveness. At some point, you must purge the […]

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Don’t Say the F-Word!

Your dad is getting older and you’re worried about him living alone in a house that takes a lot of upkeep.  Last year you got worried when he didn’t pick up the phone, so you drove over and found him cleaning out the gutters on the roof, maybe not a great place for an 80-year-old […]

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