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What about Old Meds?

Disposing of Old Medications Have you ever noticed how items in the bathroom cupboard multiply?  I know that those little bottles and tubes are romancing each other in the dark.  My proof is the way they go through regular population explosions all over the bathroom counter. I know you know what I’m talking about. Medications […]

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Emergency Medical Information

Did you know your iPhone can also be a lifesaver in an emergency situation? If you have an iPhone with the current iOS8 update then pay attention to this important message! With the new update, Apple created a new app called ‘Health’.

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Moving Day Planning

Moving can be a huge complicated project, especially when you don’t do it frequently enough to know how to avoid all of the potential missteps. Read on for a comprehensive moving checklist for the do-it-yourself move.

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Moving Forward

I started Moving Forward ten years ago in 2004. I’d never run a company before and I had never heard of a company helping senior move and downsize. It was a pretty wild idea, but I felt utterly compelled to do it. My first client was such a tough cookie, it almost ended there. We’ll […]

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