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Emergency Medical Information

Did you know your iPhone can also be a lifesaver in an emergency situation? If you have an iPhone with the current iOS8 update then pay attention to this important message! With the new update, Apple created a new app called ‘Health’.

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Moving Day Planning

Moving can be a huge complicated project, especially when you don’t do it frequently enough to know how to avoid all of the potential missteps. Read on for a comprehensive moving checklist for the do-it-yourself move.

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Moving Forward

I started Moving Forward ten years ago in 2004. I’d never run a company before and I had never heard of a company helping senior move and downsize. It was a pretty wild idea, but I felt utterly compelled to do it. My first client was such a tough cookie, it almost ended there. We’ll […]

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Unhealthy Clutter

Medical studies have shown that some people who have too much clutter can have too much dust. Too much dust in your home can affect your ability to breathe and can cause allergies and asthma reactions.

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