Decluttering – Where Do I Even Start?

Are You Ready to De-Clutter? Where Do You Even Start?

ReadytoDe-Clutter-MovingForwardIncAre you at your wits end?

Ready to pull your hair out?

Tired of all the clutter?

If you have decided to take on the task of de-cluttering your home, good for you!

Your first step is to design an approach that gives you something to celebrate after just one or two hours of work, something where you can see and admire the results.

Think about one of the areas in your house that is bugging you.   For example, perhaps the kitchen counters are too full to allow you as much work space as you would like.   You could choose the task of making more room on the counters.

Stumbling Blocks to De-Cluttering

But before you start, consider:  Is this task small enough to be able to complete it within an hour or two?  One of the most common stumbling blocks, in do-it-yourself de-cluttering, is taking on too big a task at one time.  Too big a task means that you might stop in the middle with a more cluttered looking area than when you started.  This is NOT a rewarding experience.

To avoid this, consider what you’ll need to do to achieve your goal.  Do you just need to donate the old microwave and sort out some piles of paper?  That’s probably do-able in a single afternoon.

But what if making space on the counter means putting dishes away in the cupboard, but the cupboards are already stuffed full of heaven knows what?   Just like home remodeling projects, de-cluttering projects have a way of spreading out and getting bigger.

In this situation you will need to break the task into smaller parts.  Choose just one cupboard, only 2 or 3 shelves, to empty and sort out into the three categories of:

  1. De-ClutterSorting-MovingForwardIncKeep
  2. Donate
  3. Trash

Before you end for the day, take out the trash, put the donations in the trunk of your car and put the items to keep back in the cupboard.

Celebrate Your Progress!

Make it look as nice as you can, because now comes the most important step, the final step in every de-cluttering foray.  You need to celebrate!

But seriously, you really do need to take a moment to step back and admire your progress.  The best way to motivate yourself to de-clutter again  is to find a way to feel good about the de-cluttering you just did.   No achievement is too small.  (Are you listening to me?)  No achievement is too small!!!

At the end of your project, break out the Martinelli’s, play your favorite song and take some time to admire what you have accomplished.   You did it and you deserve to enjoy it.

If you’d like help de-cluttering, contact Moving Forward Inc., we know how to make a tuff job a lot easier!

***originally published 6/28/10




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