Famous Last Words

What Could Go Wrong?

That used to be my friend Bernice’s favorite phrase.  Anytime, Bernice thought she could handle something all by herself, she would say, “What could go wrong?”

Even as Bernice got to be in her 80’s she was still using that phrase. 

Bernice has always been a very capable woman, but as time went on she realized that living on her own was becoming a burden and she decided that she would like to move into an Assisted Living facility.  “Let someone else cook and clean”, she said, “I have been doing it all my life and now it is time someone else did it for me!” She was really tired of taking care of a big house on her own and wanted to be free of all the “stuff” she had accumulated over the 50 years of living in the same place. 

She decided that she could downsize, pack and hire movers all on her own.  “What could go wrong?” she said, besides she did not want to “burden” anyone with the amount of downsizing she would have to do. 

I Didn’t Know I Had So Much Stuff!

Little did Bernice realize that it would take her 6 months to go through all her stuff and decide what to keep, what to sell, what to donate and what to discard, let alone estimating the cost of used items these days. She was exhausted and overwhelmed!


Finally, Bernice had gotten rid of all the items she no longer needed and she found an Assisted Living facility that she liked. It was time to pack and move!Unfortunately, Bernice hurt her back lifting some boxes that she thought she could lift and she knew she should have gotten some help. 

Her “kids”, (She still called them the “kids” even though Bob and Janice are in their late 50’s, whose kids have kids of their own), decided to help pack and they packed her remaining belongings in one day and moved her into the facility.  You see?  What could go wrong?

Unfortunately, Bob and Janice did not label any box.  They just packed everything that was not nailed down and put all the boxes into the new living room and left for the day. They had to get back to their families and go back to work the next day, so Bernice was in her new apartment with everything still packed!

Remember Murphy’s Law?

There was Bernice all alone with her boxes.  At least they set up her TV, but in which box were the remotes?  Come to think of it, where was her cell phone charger?  Oh, my gosh!  Where did Bob and Janice pack her purse?  Where was the coffee maker?


Bernice started the slow process of going through her boxes and before you know it her apartment started to get dark because it was almost 7:00pm! She looked for a switch to turn on her overhead light, but there were no overhead lights in her new place.  Oops! She saw that Janice had put one of her lamps in the corner, so she turned the switch on and found that there was no light bulb in her lamp.  By now, it was getting very dark and she still had not found the important items that she would need for the night and the next morning.

Bernice was tired. In which box were the light bulbs packed? Where were her flashlights?  Were there any candles? Bernice found she could not even sit and read her book by candlelight like Abraham Lincoln because she did not know where the candles were!

Step Into The Light!

Then Bernice remembered telling everyone, “What could go wrong?”, and sitting in the dark, she laughed at herself and realized that she could have saved herself all the time and trouble, not to mention her back, if only she had decided to get rid of that old catch phrase, “What could go wrong?”, and just pick up a phone and call a professional!


Moving Forward, Inc helps people relocate, downsize and de-clutter with ease. The Moving Forward crew can do all the work for you, so you can avoid all the pitfalls of downsizing and moving and the realization of  what actually can go wrong.


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