Is it Over Yet?

Oh No!  I’m Moving.  Just Tell Me When It’s Over!

You could visualize world peace or you could just visualize a peaceful move.

Imagine stepping onto the plane to Hawaii, stepping out into the warm, balmy sunshine, leisurely settling in to your hotel, and sipping a Margarita while watching the sun set over the ocean.

Imagine skipping the boxes, the paper, the tape.  Imagine not having to spend hours picking Styrofoam peanuts out of your mother’s jade bonsai tree from China.

And then, visualize coming back to your new home with all your things magically and perfectly placed in your new home, as if beamed in by dedicated Star Trek engineers. You could have that experience yourself.

One of our clients enjoyed this amazing experience.  He showed us what he wanted moved, sold and disposed of. Then he flew to Hawaii to live on his boat for the winter.

In February he called to say that his new apartment was ready for move-in. We brought the things from storage and set up his new home all ready for his arrival. His office supplies were in the correct drawers; his books were on the right shelves. And there wasn’t a single box or packing peanut in sight.

Visualize a peaceful move and call Moving Forward to make your vision come true.



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