Organizing in Kirkland Washington

Organizing in Kirkland Washington.   Want to get your home more organized but don’t know where to start?

Let me ask you: Where do you spend most of your time?  And what is bugging you the most in that space?

The best place to start organizing is front and center; some place where you can often enjoy and admire the results of your work.  A place where you can compliment yourself on your achievement every time you go there.  Being complementary to yourself about each organizing achievement is the key to motivating yourself to keep up the good work.

The kitchen is often a great place to begin.  Select one cupboard.  (Did you read my earlier blog about the importance of breaking the job down into tiny pieces?  Trust me on this.  In the beginning, you want to take on a job that is small enough to complete in one short session).

Get out a box or grocery bag in case you have anything to donate to the food bank.  Take everything off a shelf and wipe down the shelf.  If the surface of the shelf doesn’t appeal to you, consider applying contact paper to make it attractive, smooth and easy to keep clean.

Now look at what you pulled off the shelf.  Are any of the foods spoiled or past their expiration date?  Toss them.  (Yes, you have permission to throw them away).  Are any of the foods things you don’t like to eat yourself?  If they are already opened, throw them away.  If not, put them in the box for the food bank.

Now, clean and dust the outside of all the bottles and boxes of food that you have left.  Do they look good to eat?  Place the ones that appeal to you back on the shelf.  If something is still fresh, but something about it doesn’t appeal to you; then you probably won’t eat it.  So just put it in the food bank box now, instead of waiting for it to spoil and then tossing it out.

Before you stop for the day, take that food bank box out to the car so you can drop it off the next time you’re out running errands.  It’s important to get things that don’t serve you out of the house right away.

Now go back and look at your fresh, tidy cupboard.  Congratulate yourself sincerely and think about how great it will be to do just one more cupboard tomorrow.

If you are having difficulty getting your home organized, maybe we can help.  Call Moving Forward for friendly, confidential, and non-judgmental organizing assistance.

We serve Seattle, the Eastside, and points north.

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