Pack Yourself

Do You Have to Do All the Packing Yourself?

Pack Yourself - Moving ForwardAbsolutely not!

There are some real advantages to hiring a professional packer, especially for the dishes and other breakable items.

In general, whoever packs the items is responsible for any breakage during the move. The exception is when a box has been visibly damaged by the movers. In that case, the movers are responsible for it, but only to the limits of their coverage.

When you have things professionally packed, there is less likelihood of breakage in the first place.

So who can you hire to do it?

Some moving companies and almost all move management companies offer packing and unpacking services. Both use professional techniques and certified boxes, so breakage is infrequent.

What is the difference between having a mover pack and have a move manager pack? Why would you choose one over the other?

A moving company is a great choice when you want to move everything in the house.

But moving companies usually prefer not to pack alongside you as sort out what to take with you. When sorting is involved, a move management company is definitely the better choice.

Some moving companies will also unpack, but they don’t put anything away.

Their goal is to remove the boxes and the packing paper as quickly as possible. When they are done, the boxes will be gone and your books, dishes and knick-knacks will be chaotically piled over the counters and the floor.

A Full Service Move

Packing to Move - Moving ForwardWith a move manager, you can skip moving day altogether.

Get out for the day and come back when everything is unpacked, put away, the beds are made and the towels are out.

And yes, we are glad to help for people of any age. Not only seniors enjoy having a full service move, but also busy executives, families with young children, and people who have other pressing demands on their time.

Having a move management company like Moving Forward, do the packing and unpacking provides the easiest, most organized, stress-free moving experience available.



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