Stealth Move from Redmond Washington Part 2: The Best Laid Plans

Stealth move from Redmond, Washington.  Last week, I told you about our Mission Impossible scenario for the stealth move from Redmond, Washington.

The plan…..

George would take his wife, Alison (who has early-stage Alzheimer’s and absolutely doesn’t want to move) to the chosen assisted living community.  Once there, they would stay overnight in the guest room.  He and a staff member would keep Alison distracted and entertained while daughter, Cindy, and Moving Forward moved George and Alison’s furniture to their new assisted living apartment.

Tuesday morning, 11:30 the plan launchedDunh-dunh!  Dun-dun-dunh-dunh!

Alison didn’t want to go out for a drive.  “Why are we taking suitcases?  I want another cup of coffee.”  Finally, at noon, George persevered and made it down the driveway with Alison in the car.  Half an hour of the plan already shot.

As soon as their car rounded the corner, Cindy and the two Moving Forward employees descended on the home to pack, and pack fast, now that they were behind schedule.

Meanwhile, at ABC Retirement Community, George cajoled Alison into the lobby at the front desk.  Mary, of ABC, came out to meet them and ready to exercise her considerable charm to coax Alison down to the guest room.  So far, so good.

All they had to do now was to keep her there, and keep her entertained.  Sounds easy enough, right?  I mean, what could go wrong?

But truth is stranger than fiction.  Although the personal details of the participants have been changed, the next event is the honest to God truth.

Right at the front desk of ABC Retirement, a resident with a little dog came up to welcome George and Alison.  Her little dog introduced himself, too…all over Alison’s shoe!

Now hold it right there!  That was NOT in the plan.  This never happens in “Mission Impossible.”  But that is exactly what happened in the stealth move from Redmond, Washington.   A dog peed on Alison’s shoe.

Alison was not amused.   But George forged ahead.  He and Margo got Alison down to the guest room where they washed her sock and her foot.  ABC Retirement supplied them with fresh fruit and tea.  A staff member even stationed herself in their room to play cards and run interference.  However, Alison was upset and she wanted to go home.  More fruit, more cards, she was distracted for a time.  But, really, Alison was still upset and she wanted to go home.  Almost dinner time, “Let’s go to the dining room.”  But the shoe was still wet.  She wouldn’t go barefoot and she wouldn’t go with a wet shoe.   Alison was now thoroughly and truly upset and she WANTED TO GO HOME!

Alison has always been a powerful and assertive woman, while George is a quiet man.  George has always done whatever Alison wanted.   The prospects for staying the night didn’t look good.  Old style Alison was a force to be reckoned with.  Trying to deal with both Alison and Alzheimers was more than quiet George, with his own fragile health, could manage.  He tried to stand strong, but he was losing.

Meanwhile, back at the house…….

Back at the house the packing was nearly done when the warning call came in, “THEY’RE COMING BACK!  We’re trying to delay them, but THEY ARE COMING BACK TO THE HOUSE!”

“Oh no, she can’t come back and see packed boxes!  She’ll know we’re trying to move her!”


The stealth move from Redmond, Washington, went into reverse!  At double speed!

Dishes back to the cupboards, boxes to the garage, knick-knacks to the shelves. “No wait, those things are backwards.  The bed isn’t made…just stuff the sheets into the laundry and get out!  Out!  Everyone out!”

Cindy ran out the back door.  Employees hurried to the garage.  Boxes went in the van.  Then Cindy went in the van!  She remembered that she wasn’t even supposed to be in town, so she hid under boxes in the Moving Forward van!

The van was just clear of the driveway when George and Alison turned the corner onto the street.

CURSES!  Our plans for the stealth move from Redmond, Washington, had been foiled!

Stay tuned for “Stealth move from Redmond, Washington Part 3: If at First You Don’t Succeed …”  next week.

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