Stealth move from Redmond Washington Part 3: If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Stealth move from Redmond Washington Part 3: If at First You Don’t Succeed …

First, there was the plan….

Stealth move from Redmond, Washington.  Last week, I told you about how our perfectly planned stealth move from Redmond, Washington, unraveled.

If you are just joining us now: Caring for Alison with her Alzheimer’s was wearing on her husband, George.  His health was suffering.  Everyone, except for Alison, agreed that the couple needed to move to ABC Retirement Community.  Alison was furious at the idea of moving, and reasoning with an Alzheimer’s patient is like trying to negotiate with a tornado.

It would have to be a stealth move from Redmond, Washington.

We devised the perfect plan, timed to the minute.  However, our plan did not accommodate the possibility that a resident’s dog at ABC Retirement would pee on Alison’s shoe!

Yes, before Alison even got past ABC’s front lobby, a dog had peed on her shoe.  Alison was not amused and became progressively less tolerant as the afternoon wore on.  The move was derailed and had to be abandoned.

Then, the second plan….

But just a few days later, the family decided to try againThis time, the care manager would drive them over.  This time, the care manager would walk them to the guest room and chase off any wayward dogs.  This time, the care manager would stay with them to keep Alison busy and distracted while the move was going on.  And this time, Moving Forward managed to pack up the house, direct the movers at dawn, successfully avoid the lunch time elevator blackout period, and unpack and hang pictures all within less than 48 hours from start to finish!

Everyone dashed out of the new apartment by 4:45 pm to await news of Alison’s reaction.  Would she be furious?  Would she storm out screaming into the hallways? Would she take it out on her husband, George?

And, we had success!

Now, here is where truth really gets stranger than fiction: She loved it.  She loved her new apartment!

She enjoyed it so much that she asked someone to help her dial her daughter’s phone number so she could leave a message.  “This new place is beautiful, and it’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me!”

Now, who would have predicted that?!

I can tell you that a whole lot of people celebrated that strange turn of events!  Moving Forward was thrilled to know that the stealth move from Redmond, Washington, worked out so well for the family.  Whew.  Stealth move from Redmond, Washington.

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