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Gift Wrap Paper - Moving Forward

Gift Wrapping

So, where did the idea for patterned gift wrapping paper come from? In 1917, the Hall Brothers stumbled into the gift-wrapping market by accident. At that time, they offered red, green, and white tissue paper in their Kansas City, Missouri store. But a few days before Christmas they sold out.

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Auction - Moving Forward

Auction or Estate Sale?

Are you downsizing? Do you have a large quantity of things that you’d like to sell? If so, you might be wondering Which is better an auction or an estate sale? Between auctions and estate sales, the best monetary return is almost always

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This is a fascinating video that allows you to see some self-professed hoarders interacting with the possessions in their homes.  The film implies its subjects are coping with obsessive-compulsive disorder.  I do want to stress that the majority of people with overwhelming clutter are not mentally ill.  They have simply become overwhelmed by some trauma that […]

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