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Transforming the Move-a-Phobic to the Already-Peacefully-Moved in Redmond Washington

Transforming the Move-a-Phobic to the Already-Peacefully-Moved in Redmond Washington.  Recently, Active Rain Rainmaker, Ginny L. Gorman, reported how Move-a-Phobia has become rampant in large parts of Rhode Island. http://activerain.com/blogsview/2613997/my-buyer-now-has-move-a-phobia I’m here to report that we have encountered substantial outbreaks of Move-a-Phobia in Redmond, Bellevue, and Seattle, Washington, as well. In Ms. Gorman’s scholarly article she […]

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Moving in Redmond and Seattle Washington

Moving in Redmond and Seattle Washington. These days, most of us run our lives in high gear; much like newlyweds George and Marie (not their real names).  George was a software engineer in Redmond, Washington, and Marie was a patent lawyer in Seattle, Washington.  They met online, courted in Seattle, married in Ohio (her childhood […]

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The Catered Move in Redmond Washington

The catered move in Redmond, Washington.    Are you facing a big complicated move?  Don’t have time in your already full life to: schedule, organize, pack, oversee the movers, unpack and search for the cell phone charger that got packed heaven knows where? Did you know that you can enjoy a catered move in Redmond, Washington?  […]

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Cartoon Woman Lifting Box with Back Pain

Packing It In on Move Day

There are some real advantages to hiring a professional packer, especially for the dishes and other breakable items. In general, whoever packs the items is responsible for any breakage during the move. The exception is when a box has been visibly damaged by the movers. In that case, the movers are responsible for it, but […]

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