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Moving in Redmond and Seattle Washington

Moving in Redmond and Seattle Washington. These days, most of us run our lives in high gear; much like newlyweds George and Marie (not their real names).  George was a software engineer in Redmond, Washington, and Marie was a patent lawyer in Seattle, Washington.  They met online, courted in Seattle, married in Ohio (her childhood […]

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The Catered Move in Redmond Washington

The catered move in Redmond, Washington.    Are you facing a big complicated move?  Don’t have time in your already full life to: schedule, organize, pack, oversee the movers, unpack and search for the cell phone charger that got packed heaven knows where? Did you know that you can enjoy a catered move in Redmond, Washington?  […]

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Redmond Washington Relocation Consulting

Redmond Washington Relocation Consulting.  When Carolyn (not her real name) decided to move from her Redmond home to a retirement condo, she had a lot of questions.  She really didn’t want to keep all the things she had in her current home.  But what should she do with her very valuable prints?  Where could she […]

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Unpacking in Redmond Washington

Unpacking After a Move Mrs. Timmons’ home suffered severe damage in a storm, her daughter, Carol, convinced her to leave her remote, rural home in the bayous of Louisiana and move to a retirement community in Redmond near where Carol lived.  While Mrs. Timmons loved her home, the thought of regularly seeing her grandchildren persuaded […]

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Easy Do-It-Yourself Move in Redmond, Washington

Easy Do-It-Yourself Move in Redmond, Washington.  Think about your last move.   Did you run out of boxes before you ran out of dishes?  Did you lose time making multiple trips to get more boxes and paper?  Did you hire a cheap moving company who broke your plates and “lost” your portable stereo?  Did you spend […]

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This is a fascinating video that allows you to see some self-professed hoarders interacting with the possessions in their homes.  The film implies its subjects are coping with obsessive-compulsive disorder.  I do want to stress that the majority of people with overwhelming clutter are not mentally ill.  They have simply become overwhelmed by some trauma that […]

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