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Move Management Services

Remember your last move? You saved up boxes from the grocery store weeks in advance. Your living room got jammed and the whole house smelled like fish with a subtle undertone of rotten peaches. Your friends helped you pack, but they didn’t write on the boxes what they had packed. They left when the beer […]

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Moving Day Stress - Moving Forward Inc Redmond WA

Moving Day Stress

Stress from moving day can seem like we are Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. First you are on your quiet little farm in Kansas and then suddenly, a tornado hits and you are sucked up in to the middle of a twister!

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Keys lost when moving - Moving Forward

Tips for Moving

What a pain in the neck! There you are trying to cope with having everything you own in life tumbled into unfamiliarity, and some trivial thing like a key vanishes. The movers have just finished unloading the truck, you need to pay them, you need your checkbook.

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Time Saving Moving Tip - Moving Forward

Moving Tip

What the best way to save time in a household move? It can be exciting to plan out a new and different home for yourself. But, sometimes there are things that you want to recreate, because you like them the way they are.

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