Thanksgiving and Giving Back

How Can You Give Back at Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Giving Back - Moving ForwardNovember is a time to harvest and give thanks for our blessings.

Most of us don’t do much harvesting in fields anymore, but we still give thanks at this time of year.

One of the best ways to give thanks is to give a hand to someone else who needs it.   What better way can we give thanks, than by sharing our abundance with others?

Indoor Harvest

Harvest some of the unused items from your closets and shelves and donate them to charities.

  • That old bridesmaid dress (the one that clashes with your eyes) could become a prom dress for a high school student who can’t afford a new one.
  • Those shoes that look so nice (and rub your toes the wrong way) could become job interview shoes for an aspiring high school graduate.
  • All those paperback books (the ones that aren’t quite interesting enough to read more once) could be sold in the thrift store that raises money to enhance the lives of children stuck celebrating the holiday in the hospital.

Our lifestyles are very different now, but we can still reach back to our roots to harvest and share our bounty with others.
Wishing you a bountiful harvest of joy and good wishes, and a fulfilling season of Thanksgiving!

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