Tips to Stop Procrastinating

 Don’t Put Off Today What You Can Put Off Until the Day After Tomorrow

(Guest Post by Kathryn Hansen)

Did you ever hear that phrase “Don’t put off today what you can put off until the day after tomorrow”? Procrastinating is exhausting!That used to be my motto! Yes, I am human and I tend to avoid doing stressful or negative tasks. 

Stressful or negative tasks are different for everyone and many people choose to put off doing a task rather than, “getting it over with”, as my mother used to say.

For example, if you have a room in your home that stores many sentimental objects or family heirlooms, you many feel undecided about what to do with everything in that room. 

This indecision can cause a certain amount of stress and not deciding can make you feel guilty, or “beat yourself up”.  Messy RoomSo you may avoid the room and justify that by telling yourself you have other more important issues that need your attention or that you need to do more research on the value of the items and then you will decide.

In my experience, this avoidance of cleaning out that room can take years and after a while you forget about it, until some unsuspecting visitor opens the door and you are standing there with your mouth open, appalled, even at yourself and then the guilt and embarrassment starts all over again.  It is a vicious circle and always ends up with you feeling terrible about yourself.

What can we do to avoid this?

First, accept that this is normal behavior and you are not alone! Here are some tips to avoid procrastination and start feeling good about you again:

1.       Make a To Do List – I know, I know, I did that before and I lost the list, right? But this time make the list and put a start date on the list.  Choose the same time each week, if possible to put some time in to this project.  You may find that you like how it makes you feel to get this project done and decide to work on it every other day. Put the list on your refrigerator so you see it each day.

2.       Choose a date-within a week where you have at least ½ to one hour of uninterrupted time to start.

3.       Start with the Easy to Do List – Make the first few items on the list easy to do, so that you can get them done and start to feel good and see some progress in just a few minutes.

4.       Check each completed task- as you go and put the list back on your refrigerator so you can see your accomplishments.Clipboard with Checklist

5.       Choose a reward– for yourself once you have completed that ½ to one hour so that you feel motivated to continue. The reward could be a nice coffee or tea or some personal time to read a book.  Anything, that you enjoy doing that is small.

6.       More Rewards – Once you have completed the entire project reward yourself with something bigger. A trip to a movie or bookstore.

7.       Gather your supplies-What do you need to start, garbage bags?  Labeled boxes? Label boxes that denote Garage Sale items, donate items, auction items, items to go to the dump and give-aways to friends or family members, etc.

8.       Make another list-for the more difficult tasks and reward yourself for getting it done.

Reward Yourself

Pretty soon you will have the whole room completed and you can have your BIG Reward! Just think how good you will feel when it is all completed. dog running Just do a little each time and it will get done!

If you think you will need help with cleaning out, deciding where everything should go and disposing of items, then make a quick call to Moving Forward Inc and they will assist you with all your Downsizing, De-Cluttering and Disposing needs!

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