Transforming the Move-a-Phobic to the Already-Peacefully-Moved in Redmond Washington

Transforming the Move-a-Phobic to the Already-Peacefully-Moved in Redmond Washington.  Recently, Active Rain Rainmaker, Ginny L. Gorman, reported how Move-a-Phobia has become rampant in large parts of Rhode Island.

I’m here to report that we have encountered substantial outbreaks of Move-a-Phobia in Redmond, Bellevue, and Seattle, Washington, as well.

In Ms. Gorman’s scholarly article she noted some of the physical symptoms that occur in this malady.  We would like to add the symptoms that we have noticed here in Redmond, Bellevue, and Seattle, Washington.

•    Hand wringing
•    Elevated heart rate
•    Glazed eyes
•    And the habit of repeating the phrase, “Oh my gosh, where do I start?!”

But we are happy to add that we have found a cure that shows promise for many of the sufferers.  While it doesn’t work for everyone, for the 70% who do respond, the cure is fast and complete.

Early trials show those who respond are typically transformed from Move-a-Phobics into the Already-Peacefully-Moved within just 2 weeks from the start of treatment.

The cure goes by several names with some calling it “The Catered Move” while the more technical description is “Hiring a Move Manager”.

Treatment begins with trained move managers meeting with the afflicted person in their home and designing a floor plan to visually demonstrate which furniture will fit well into the new home.  Patients learn proven sorting techniques to help them decide which items to move and what to sell or donate.

But then the magic really starts to happen!  As the patient builds trust with the move manager, they gain self-confidence and typically speed up the sorting process themselves.

When the sorting is complete, the move manager brings in a crew to quickly pack and then unpack the same day in the new home.  When the patient arrives at their new home, everything is unpacked and put away, the beds are made and the towels are out.

The transformation of the patient at this point is both instant and cathartic.  Hand wringing ceases, the heart rate slows, the eyes widen and the repeating phase becomes, “Wow, it’s all done!”

Our observations of how “Hiring a Move Manager” so thoroughly transforms Move-a-Phobics to the Already-Peacefully-Moved in Redmond, Bellevue, and Seattle, Washington, lead us to believe that “Hiring a Move Manager” could cure millions of Move-a-Phobics across the country.

Moving Forward, Inc. serves the areas in and around Redmond, Bellevue and Seattle, Washington.  To find a reputable move manager in your area, go to:

Move managers may not cure everyone, but for many people, we can transform the Move-a-Phobic to the Already-Peacefully-Moved in less than 2 weeks.   Transforming the Move-a-Phobic to the Already-Peacefully-Moved in Redmond Washington.

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