Organizing in Woodinville Washington

Organizing in Woodinville Washington

Organizing in Woodinville, Washington.  What is one of the hardest things to get rid of when it is no longer needed when organizing in Woodinville, Washington?  Lots of people would say it is a television set.  They just won’t go away!

Like so many things, Televisions have evolved over the years and the old technology is no longer in demand even if it is completely functional!
Commercial television broadcasting began in this country in 1941, and with it came a flood of black and white television sets.  Some were “portable” if you were strong enough to carry it. Most were built into pieces of furniture.  Of course there was no cable, so people had various types of antennae to pick up the limited number of signals.

Color television began with the first commercial broadcast on June 20, 1951, just 10 years later.  However it was another 10 years before the public began buying color sets in earnest.  It was yet another 10 years before the number of color sets purchased outnumbered the black and white sets.

Each new development meant new equipment and more old technology to discard.  Today’s supersized flat screen TV with built in DVD and surround sound bears little resemblance to the early black and white models that many of us remember from our youth.

We could talk about how planned obsolesce stymies organizing in Woodinville Washington.  But the problem that most of us face is that of what to do with the old stuff when the new one moves in.  My friend drug around a 9” black and white Sony TV from college for 30 years before recycling it just last year when organizing in Woodinville, Washington.

You can’t discard these things in the trash since they are considered hazardous waste.  Some charities will accept newer working models.  In Washington State, visit for information on how to recycle televisions, and other electronics.  In 2011 Washington recycled more than 42million lbs of electronics including nearly 500,000 television sets.

How do we know these things?  That is what we do.  At Moving Forward, we help people deal with their no longer needed belongings.  Sometimes it is when a move is in the near future; sometimes it is when the goal is organizing in Woodinville, Washington.  We know about discarding and donating.  We also know about sending items to consignment or estate sale planning.

Give us a call and let us take some of the stress out of your next Organizing in Woodinville Washington project!

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