A Life Changing Event

Life changing events are sometimes an emergency!

When does a life changing event constitute a moving emergency?  Kris Morris found herself in the middle of such an event last fall.  Her mother’s health took a sudden turn for the worse and Kris needed to move her to a place where she could be cared for.

As her mother’s health had failed, her house had gotten out of control.  It needed repairs and it was full to the brim with books and glassware, framed pictures and garden tools.  You name it,the house had several of them.

Woman worried about life changing eventIt was an emotionally wrought time for Kris.  She had a demanding job, she was going back to school and now her mother was seriously ill.   She didn’t have the time or the emotional strength to face sorting through the piles of items and memories left in the house she had grown up in.

Fortunately, Kris had a friend who knew of Moving Forward.

Kris called us for help.

Moving Forward sorted piece by piece through the house, Boxes sorted by Moving forwardlocating the items that Kris wanted saved for herself and her mother, and separating sellable items from trash.  Moving Forward took the trash to the dump, delivered extra detergents to a homeless shelter, and even took the overdue books back to the library.

Workers can help in life changing events.They scheduled house cleaners, landscapers and a plumber.  They arranged for an estate sale to sell all of the excess possessions.   Lastly, they coordinated all of those services with the schedule of the realtor and kept everyone informed and in-sync.

The estate sale was hugely successfulMoving Forward helps get that house ready to sell. and people drawn by the sale became interested in the buying the house itself.   The house received multiple offers and was sold only 4 days after the estate sale.

Kris was so relieved that she wrote a thank you note to Moving Forward,

“My experience with Moving Forward was wonderful. …  This was one of the most stressful times in my life … [but] Moving Forward is a get the job done business.  Thank you!”

Moving Forward Staff and VanLet Moving Forward help you take the stress out of moving!

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