Adventures Unpacking in Bellevue Washington

Recently, Moving Forward had a client, Pam (not her real name), who needed help unpacking in Bellevue, Washington. Well, actually, she needed help unpacking in Bellevue and had also needed help in Illinois on two earlier moves.

Fortunately, this time she asked for help to get organized before she paid to move all that stuff again. This is more common than you might think. We are all so busy that we unpack the most important stuff and plan to unpack the rest when we have more time. “But when is that?!”

This tendency costs money. It costs money to move all that stuff. It also costs money in terms of the lost real estate in your home.

Pam and her late husband had bought a 3-bedroom home, but filled one of those bedrooms with unpacked boxes. As might be expected they never got around to it. Since they couldn’t use the room, it was like giving away a whole room to a roommate who never paid rent!

Five years after her husband had passed on, Pam hired us to help her reclaim her home from clutter. After we got the living room and the kitchen functioning comfortably, we took on that spare bedroom and we did some serious unpacking in Bellevue, Washington.

At first, it was sad for her because many of the things had belonged to her late husband. Later, unpacking became a treasure hunt as we found artwork and photo albums she had thought were long gone. And lastly, it turned hilarious, when we found ugly uniforms from a high school job, an ancient six-pack of beer, and, yes, even a bag of extremely stale marijuana from 1968. (Amateur archeologists that we were, we dated it from the sheet of newspaper it was wrapped in.)

Once Pam marshalled the emotional courage to face unpacking all of that stuff, she realized that she didn’t need, or even want, most of the things she had been storing.

That adventure of unpacking in Bellevue, Washington, eventually turned into an out of state move. Pam felt so unburdened after organizing the things she wanted to keep, she was able to take a fresh look at the years she had left in her life. She decided to move back to her favorite town in Illinois.

She saved lots of money on that move because she only took the things she really wanted. So, unpacking in Bellevue, Washington, allowed Pam to make a tiny move back home with big savings.

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