Apartment Gardening

How to Garden and Live in an Apartment

ApartmentGardening-MovingForwardIncMy Aunt Virginia had to downsize and move from her two story house down to a two bedroom apartment.

It took her quite a while to downsize and when she finally moved to her new apartment she was disappointed to discover that her new apartment did not have a small yard for a garden.

She had always had beautiful gardens. She especially loved growing her own lettuce and made beautiful salads. What could be done? 

As Virginia had always been very resourceful, she found out that you can actually have a small indoor garden and one of the easiest plants to grow in your indoor garden is lettuce! 
Virginia found out that vegetables without flowers can be grown indoors. Flowers need pollination, so they need to be outside, but lettuce can be grown in the kitchen window. As long as you have sunlight, water, good drainage and good potting soil you can grow lettuce. 

Secrets from Virginia on apartment gardening:

  • Starting in spring will assure that your lettuce is sweet to taste and not bitter. If you like a milder and sweeter taste then plant red or green leaf, romaine and butter lettuces. Arugula is on the bitter side and chervil adds a nice hint of anise to your salad.
  • HerbGardening-MovingForwardIncIt is easier if you buy starts and just plant them in the soil. If you would like to start with a smaller garden, then grow herbs. Herbs such as chives, parsley, basil and thyme are great for an indoor garden. Mint and rosemary are wonderful additions to your spring salad and are so easy to grow.
  • Aunt Virginia discovered that herbs don’t do well in really wet soil, so she was very careful not to over water. She also found that allowing herbs to grow a bit before harvesting them for cooking would ensure a stronger flavor.

Aunt Virginia learned a lot from downsizing her home. One thing she learned was that if she would have had someone else check out any new living space before she moved she would have realized there was no space for a garden.

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