Did Candid Camera Plan This Move?

Are We on Candid Camera?
Mrs. Schwartz moved from out of state to a lovely Eastside retirement community. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the opportunity to do much sorting before her children packed up all her belongings. They were concerned about not leaving anything behind that she might need, so they packed it all.

The retirement community had scheduled Moving Forward to help Mrs. Schwartz unpack and get settled, but no one knew quite how much would be arriving on the truck. We decided to send two employees, just in case there was a lot. As it turned out, there was more than a lot . . . a LOT more than a lot!

We set up the television on one wall of the living room and had the movers put the sofa on the other wall. That went smoothly. Almost all of the bedroom furniture could be squeezed into the bedroom, but one of the nightstands and bedroom lamps had to go into the living room.

And then the boxes started coming in. We emptied wardrobes as fast as we could just so the movers had room to pile more boxes. Boxes spilled out of the bedroom, they overflowed out of the kitchen. The only place left was the living room where boxes lined the walls in double, and then triple layers. The television got buried, the sofa disappeared under the load.

Fortunately, Mrs. Schwartz still retained her great sense of humor and asked us to let her know when we unpacked her X-ray glasses, so she could view the television through the boxes.

Just as we were wondering if Candid Camera had a hand in all this, the movers announced the completion of their project with the arrival of an ironing board and two, huge cornice boards.  We were all speechless until Mrs. Schwartz burst out laughing, “Well, those won’t fit on my windows here! And an ironing board? I said ‘no’ to ironing a long time ago.”

Now we reversed the flow of items. Out went the cornice boards, the ironing board and the second laundry hamper. Numerous other items followed.

“I love my kids, but why did they send me all these different sizes of sheets when they only sent one queen size bed? My turkey roaster?  My electric griddle? I’m letting someone else cook for me now.” Out they went.

It took two days, but we finally got Mrs. Schwartz’s whole apartment fully unpacked and organized. The folks from Candid Camera never did pop out to claim responsibility, but Mrs. Schwartz kept us laughing through the whole process.

At the end of the move-in, Mrs. Schwartz offered us all this advice, “Get help sorting before you pack everything up. And don’t let your children do the packing.” Wise words, from a woman who knows.


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