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Easy Do-It-Yourself Move in Redmond, Washington

Easy Do-It-Yourself Move in Redmond, Washington.  Think about your last move.   Did you run out of boxes before you ran out of dishes?  Did you lose time making multiple trips to get more boxes and paper?  Did you hire a cheap moving company who broke your plates and “lost” your portable stereo?  Did you spend […]

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An Easy Move in Bellevue, Washington

An Easy Move in Bellevue Washington.   After your last move did you wonder if an easy move is possible in Bellevue, Washington?  Perhaps you wondered if an easy move was even possible in our reality. If your last move was typical, you took days off work to get everything packed up while your boss called […]

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Adventures Unpacking in Bellevue Washington

Recently, Moving Forward had a client, Pam (not her real name), who needed help unpacking in Bellevue, Washington. Well, actually, she needed help unpacking in Bellevue and had also needed help in Illinois on two earlier moves. Fortunately, this time she asked for help to get organized before she paid to move all that stuff […]

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Is it Over Yet?

Oh No!  I’m Moving.  Just Tell Me When It’s Over! You could visualize world peace or you could just visualize a peaceful move. Imagine stepping onto the plane to Hawaii, stepping out into the warm, balmy sunshine, leisurely settling in to your hotel, and sipping a Margarita while watching the sun set over the ocean. Imagine […]

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This is a fascinating video that allows you to see some self-professed hoarders interacting with the possessions in their homes.  The film implies its subjects are coping with obsessive-compulsive disorder.  I do want to stress that the majority of people with overwhelming clutter are not mentally ill.  They have simply become overwhelmed by some trauma that […]

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41 Pounds!

Did you know that the average adult in the United States, receives 41 pounds of junk mail every year?!!  And that’s just the junk mail.  Add catalogs, magazines, newspapers, and multiple versions of yellow page phone books.  Add bills and bank statements. Yikes! Last August I tried a website that promised to help me turn […]

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