Avoid Bad Moving Companies in Washington State

Avoid Bad Moving Companies in Washington State.  If you have ever accidentally hired a bad moving company in Washington state, I bet you never want to repeat THAT experience again!  Broken dishes, scratched furniture, and missing laptop computers – it can get pretty ugly.

The good news is that you can avoid bad moving companies in Washington state with the convenience of the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) web site.  It’s easy, and the time you spend now will save you from mistakenly hiring a bad moving company in Washington state.

•    Visit the UTC web site at http://www.utc.wa.gov/regulatedIndustries/transportation/householdGoods/Pages/default.aspx

•    Under the top heading “Companies We Regulate”, click on the “Company Complaint Stats”.

•    On the next page, click on “Complaints by Company”.

•    Click on the first letter of the company name you would like to look up.

•    Notice not only the number of complaints in the first column, but also how many of them the state decided in favor of the consumer under “Consumer Upheld.”

The UTC does not keep data about how many moves each company has made per year.  Instead, you can compare the record of any company you wish to hire with the records of the largest, good-scoring Washington state moving companies.  There are other large companies in the state, but I have only listed ones with good scores.

Star Moving Systems      
Continental Van Lines
Corporate Moving Systems

Take advantage of the UTC’s great records to save yourself from a common nightmare.  Spend just 10 minutes on their easy to use web page and never experience the endless expense of hiring a bad moving company in Washington state!  Avoid Bad Moving Companies in Washington State.

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