Banish Clutter in Bothell Washington

Banish Clutter in Bothell Washington, Part 1

Where do you start?

The thing that typically overwhelms people when they start to Banish Clutter, is taking on too big a project at once.  Clutter usually took a long time to accumulate and it is unreasonable to expect yourself to fix it in all in a short time.  So be easy on yourself.  Pick one spot that is bothering you a lot and focus on just that one spot to banish the clutter in Bothell.   It might be the kitchen countertops.

To avoid getting overwhelmed focus on that one spot and on one step at a time:

Banish Recyclables and Trash!

Image of garbage bag

1. Are there recyclables or trash that can be removed right away?  If so remove them and put them in the trash or recycle bin.  In some situations this can be a large project in itself.  So it might be a good idea to pause after this step and congratulate yourself.

Put it away!

2. Next look for things that could be put away in the image of small cupboard to manage cluttercupboard.   If there is no room in the cupboard, then skip this step for now.  You want to stay focused on the one spot, not switch to cleaning out the cupboard.

Now Sort!

image of clutter on table3. Now look for items on the counter that are related to each other.  Put all of the papers together. Put all of the utensils together.  Put all of the pens and pencils together.

4. Then you can sort through each of the piles you have just assembled to discard what is obsolete.  You are on the way to banish the clutter in Bothell!

5. Find temporary containers for each category of item.  The containers should allow you to see what is inside, so you can remember to add additional items of the same kind as you encounter them.   The containers should be temporary for a number of reasons.  First, you want to stay focused on the counter top and not go off to search the house for the perfect container.  Second, as you declutter, you will find additional items to add the category, so the size of the final container will probably be different than this first one.

After you achieve your goal (kitchen counter tops) it is very important to take a break, have a cup of tea or take a walk.

Take a break and congratulate yourself!

Be sure to say something congratulatory and appreciative to yourself.  This is one of the most important steps, as you banish the clutter in Bothell, and it is a step that many people skip.

Imagine how you would talk to a child who just accomplished something difficult.  Would you ignore her?  Or would you say  ”Well, it’s about time you learned how to make the bed”?  If you said that, do you think that your child would be excited to make their bed again?  But this is the very way that most people who have clutter problems talk to themselves internally.

To banish clutter in Bothell in the long term, you need to make decluttering a rewarding experience.  You need to learn how to speak kindly and appreciatively to yourself for taking on this project that has clearly been difficult for you.

If the clutter in your house has gotten a good foothold, straightening the kitchen counters might be a big enough project for a day.  Decluttering is a process, not a single project.  So don’t exhaust yourself trying to take back the whole house in a single day.

Next:  which rooms should come first and how to keep clutter at bay

Let Moving Forward help you begin to Banish your Clutter!

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