Budget Move to Redmond, Packing!

Packing for that Budget Move

Continuing on with planning our Budget Move to Redmond, we are looking at the actual packing up of all of our worldly belongings!  After we have reduced the amount of belongings to take, and before we can actually move, we need to pack it up!

How in the world are you going to pack all this stuff for your budget move to Redmond?  You don’t know where to begin.  Do you need paper, styro peanuts, boxes, or bubble wrap?  Where do you get this stuff, and how much will you need?  Should you just go to the grocery store and ask for their boxes like in the good old days?

It’s all part of the PLAN!

That is where Moving Forward can come to the rescue! We have developed a product called Project Planning.  One of our consultants will come to your home and discuss your budget move to Redmond.  She will listen to your concerns and discuss options with you.  You will receive a portfolio of valuable information, which also includes a guide on packing and materials to use:

  • How to pack dishes the way professionals do
  • Where to purchase certified boxes at reasonable prices
  • How to protect delicate figurines

Plus, great disaster avoidance advice such as:

  • Don’t use newspaper to pack items; the ink can cause permanent stains
  • Put heavy items, like books and canned food, in small containers to avoid bursting boxes.
  • Avoid filling boxes to the point that they get rounded tops.  A stack of round-topped boxes is likely to tip over…never a good thing!


Consider hiring the Professionals!

You can pack your boxes for your budget move to Redmond yourself, or have a professional pack all, or some, of the boxes for you.  The money invested in hiring professionals to pack, even just the kitchen and dining room, is well spent. They have the expertise and skilled hands to do the job right!



Call on Moving Forward to help you pack the boxes and prepare for a budget move to Redmond!  Budget Move to Redmond.

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