Budget Move to Redmond Washington (Part 2) — Reducing!

Moving “Less” is the key to a “Budget” move!

Budget move to Redmond, Washington.   Continuing on with our four-part series about planning your Budget Move to Redmond, we are looking at reducing the amount of material we will actually be moving!  Before we can begin packing boxes, and arranging for a moving company or battalion of strong friends, we need to decide what to take, what to dispose of, and how to dispose of our excess.

Whether you are moving yourself or hiring a moving company, more stuff equals more cost.  So paring down what will be part of your budget move to Redmond before the actual move makes sense!  But how do you do it?  Garage sale, consignment, donation or auction?  Where do you start?  To have a successful budget move to Redmond, Washington, YOU NEED A PLAN!

Start with a Plan!

That is where Moving Forward can come to the rescue!  We have developed a product called “Project Planning”. One of our consultants will come to your home and discuss your budget move to Redmond.  She will listen to your concerns and discuss options with you.  You will be left with a portfolio of valuable information including:

•    Comparative financial return when selling via auction, consignment or estate sale

•    When would it pay off to sell your excess via the do-it-yourself garage sale

•    Ways to avoid being taken advantage of when you liquidate extra items

•    What you can donate to charity and the least expensive options for disposing of the rest

•    Referrals to reputable companies that have provided good service to our clients in the past

•    Why renting a dumpster is almost always the worst choice (in terms of both cost and the amount of labor you’ll need to provide)


After the Project Planning session, you’ll know the best approach for your particular situation and you’ll have an easy-to-execute action plan to achieve your goals.

Hire Moving Forward to execute the plan, and receive a $50 credit to the price of your project.  The Project Plan costs $275, and can save you thousands of dollars.

Call today to learn how the Moving Forward Project Plan can make your budget move to Redmond, Washington a reality.  Budget move to Redmond, Washington.

Let Moving Forward help with your next “Budget Move”

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