Budget Move to Redmond

At one time, a “Budget” move meant friends!

Remember the days when moving meant calling a bunch of strong  friends and bribing them with beer and pizza?  Boy, I do!  In a strange way, Beer and pizzamoving was fun!  It was always an adventure.

When I was in college, I moved so often that I had a set of boxes that nested together and fit under the bed or in the closet.  Everything I owned could fit in those boxes or in the backseat of some friend’s car.  Life was so simple!

Then moving got complicated!

Things have become much more complicated since the good ol’ days of college.  Since then, I have acquired furniture, kitchen gadgets and small cake mixerappliances for every task, dishes, books, DVDs, electronics, “collectables”, and just plain stuff.  What was once a simple process is now so much more difficult.  Back then, I could move in one car trip.  I could do it all myself, with a friend to help by loaning me a car.  Now we have to look at the size of truck to rent or hire.  The process just blows my mind!

The only thing that has stayed constant is the need to keep costs down.  This week I am planning a budget move to Redmond.  My friends are older, I have more stuff, and pizza isn’t on our diet plans anymore.  So, how am I going to make this a budget move to Redmond?

Planning that Budget Move.

First, whether you are moving yourself or hiring a moving company, more stuff equals more cost.  So, paring down what will be moved before the actual move makes sense!  But how do I do it?  Garage sale, consignment, donation or auction?  Where do I start?

Second, how in the world am I going to pack all this stuff?  I don’t knowpacking box where to begin.  The good old days of my set of nesting boxes are way gone!  Do I need paper, styro peanuts, boxes, or bubble wrap?  Where do I get this stuff, and how much will I need?  Can I just go to the grocery store and ask for their boxes like I used to do?

Third, finding a good moving company can be a moving truckchallenge.  We have all heard the horror stories of companies who quote low and then surprise you with high charges before they will release your belongings at the end of the move.  How do I protect myself and still have a budget move to Redmond? The lowest price isn’t always the best, but how do I know?

We are going to look at those three big questions in the next blogs!  Stay tuned for a Budget Move to Redmond!

by Colleen Squier, Moving Forward Inc.


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