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Antiques and Collectables

Antiques and Collectibles Can Take Over! Possession Paralysis I love antiques and collectibles, and recently read an article in the New York Times New Old Age Blog that really hit home.  Titled “Possession Paralysis Revisited” by Paula Span, it is a follow up of an article written a couple years ago titled “When Possessions lead to […]

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Estate distribution a perfect match

Estate Distribution in Redmond Washington

Estate Distribution, the joy of donating! Estate Distribution can take many forms.  One of Moving Forward’s most rewarding project of last year was connecting a Moving Forward client with Sofia Way in Bellevue, Washington  Sofia Way is a great program that helps homeless women get back on their feet. At the end of a […]

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When Seniors Relocate in Bellevue Washington

When Seniors Relocate in Bellevue Washington   Moving can be a tough project for anyone. Imagine trying to move when you are a senior coping with the natural challenges that age brings.  Consider that moving to a retirement home can symbolize the end of a stage of life.  Add the fact that seniors are often leaving large homes […]

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My Mom’s Memory Is Failing? What Do I Do?

As of 2017, more than five million Americans are dealing with Alzheimers. If someone you know seems to have memory loss, the first thing you need is information about dementia.  The best source for free and accurate information is the Alzheimer’s Association at The HelpLine is 206-363-5500 or 1-800-848-7097 and you can call any day […]

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