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Green Burial - Moving Forward

Green Burials

I heard the term “green burial” for the first time last week. Three days later I saw the term on Facebook. Then the next day one of my employees told me that she had just seen a presentation about green burials at her church.

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Window Boxes - Moving Forward

Window Boxes

Did you know that the window boxes were traditionally used to repel insects? It’s true! Before the invention of the window screens, people placed window boxes of insect repelling

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mlk day

Martin Luther King Day of Service

Every January since 1983 we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr as a federal holiday. Did you know that in 1994 Congress designated his birthday as a national day of service to take place on the third Monday in January? This is the only federal holiday observed as a national day of service.

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Gift Wrap Paper - Moving Forward

Gift Wrapping

So, where did the idea for patterned gift wrapping paper come from? In 1917, the Hall Brothers stumbled into the gift-wrapping market by accident. At that time, they offered red, green, and white tissue paper in their Kansas City, Missouri store. But a few days before Christmas they sold out.

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