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Virtual Reality for Seniors

HomeAgain VR: A Nonprofit that Offers Virtual Reality to Seniors “Gosh, that’s beautiful,” Carrie says as she gazes out at the shimmering lake surrounded by fields of blueberry bushes. “You almost want to jump out and get one of those water lilies. I bet they smell so good.” From her wheelchair in the hospice center, Carrie […]

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Is Your Garage a Storage Nightmare?

Did you know that 25 percent of all Americans have so much clutter in their garage that they can’t store even one car inside? And 33 percent say that they don’t even know for sure what’s stored in their garage. Based on 14 years experience helping people get their homes organized, I can make a […]

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What about Old Meds?

Disposing of Old Medications Have you ever noticed how items in the bathroom cupboard multiply?  I know that those little bottles and tubes are romancing each other in the dark.  My proof is the way they go through regular population explosions all over the bathroom counter. I know you know what I’m talking about. Medications […]

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Emergency Medical Information

Did you know your iPhone can also be a lifesaver in an emergency situation? If you have an iPhone with the current iOS8 update then pay attention to this important message! With the new update, Apple created a new app called ‘Health’.

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Moving Day Planning

Moving can be a huge complicated project, especially when you don’t do it frequently enough to know how to avoid all of the potential missteps. Read on for a comprehensive moving checklist for the do-it-yourself move.

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