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Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls are the vegetarian appetizer cousins of the traditional egg roll.  Are they just vegetarian egg rolls? No. Spring Rolls are much better than egg rolls because the super thin crispy wrapper is crispier and lighter than egg rolls; less oil seeps into it. You can fill spring roll wrappers with anything: traditional vegetarian […]

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Salmon Recipe

Salmon, known for its benefits to the brain, heart, waistline and more, makes a great meal any time of year. Here salmon is paired with a colorful and fresh summery style “salsa” to perk up the appearance and taste of a mid-winter meal.

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Holiday Salad

So here’s a healthy colorful addition to any holiday table this season. A little green, a little red, a little sweet, a little salty…this salad compliments a variety of dishes and travels well to gatherings. Prepare ahead of time and toss the dressing in at the last minute. Enjoy!!!

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