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Got Jewels in Your Pockets?

Did you know that rubies and sapphires are formed of the same mineral? They are both crystals of corundum (aluminum oxide), which is harder than any other naturally occurring mineral except diamond. So how does it happen that rubies and sapphires have such different colors? Before I tell you that, let me also tell you […]

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Who Invented the First Robot?

One of the most prolific inventors of all time conceived the plans for a robotic knight. Some of his other groundbreaking ideas included an instrument to measure wind speed; a helicopter; a parachute; an armored car; a triple barrel cannon, a hydraulic power saw, scuba gear, scissors and a revolving bridge which could be packed […]

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Seniors in Transition Seminar January 27th

State Accredited Class for Real Estate Brokers Want to help your senior clients  through relocating and downsizing and still have time to focus on the real estate transaction? Learn how to streamline the “Transition of a Lifetime.” Transition of a Lifetime: Supporting the Senior Client 3-Clock Hour Class Friday, January 27, 2016 – Bellevue, WA A […]

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