Discard, Donate or Dollars July 24 Mill Creek WA Event

Discard, Donate or Dollars

When you got lemons, make lemonade!

LemonstoLemonade-MovingForwardIncWhether you are downsizing, de-cluttering or relocating, find out how to avoid the major pitfalls in the process. Did you know that seniors often lose hundreds of dollars when they move out of a life-long home? Yikes!!! Don’t let this happen to you!

Join Katie Munoz for a summer lemonade party full of humorous, interactive news you can use to preserve the funds (and the peace) when you or your loved one makes a downsizing move.

Participants will learn how to avoid the overwhelm that can come with sorting, the chaos of the typical moving day and being taken advantage of when selling extra possessions.

Yes, moving is a life transition.  But with the right approach, you can land gently in your new home.

MillCreekSeniorCenterWhere: Mill Creek Senior Center – 15720 Main St # 210, Mill Creek, WA 98012

When: Thursday, July 24th – 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

What: Education FREE

RSVP Required: 425-948-7170


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