Easy Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

Re-Organize to Make Your Life Easier

Have you ever moved in to a new place and thought you had organized your kitchen, but the first time you went to cook something, you couldn’t find your favorite spatula or bowl?  Whether you have a big “designer gourmet” kitchen or a compact “efficient” kitchen, it needs to be set up to meet your needs.  Modern well organized kitchen

Moving into a new home is a great time to organize and you can take a serious look at your space anytime. As you might have guessed, there is no single correct answer to organizing, but here are some tips to re-organizing that may make your life easier:

1. One basic rule to organizing is that kitchen items should be stored near their point of first or last use. For example, keeping sandwich making items near the place where you make sandwiches would be keeping them near the point of “first use”.  When finished, the refrigerated items are returned to the refrigerator which is the point of “last use.”  Knives, cutting board and plate will probably end up in the sink or dishwasher which is their point of “last use”.

2. Open up and use every inch. Shelving in place of upper cabinets makes the room look lighter and shelves make kitchen items more accessible. If possible use a combination of shelving and cabinets if you don’t want everything on display.

3. Place towels on hooks near the sink and potholders on hooks near the stove to save space.

4. If you have room, keep items you use often on the counter against the wall and group items for access. Make sure you leave plenty of counter top room to work.

5. Group like things together, using containers and dividers to customize spaces, use labels, and do a good spring cleaning at least once a year to make sure all the items are where they belong.

6. Use mesh or plastic organizers in the drawers and cabinets to store utensils, pens, Woman Organizingscissors, tape, etc.

Do What Works for You!

The key is to be conscious of your work habits, the daily needs of your family and the available space.  With some careful planning and arranging, you can get the most use out of them!

One of the services that Moving Forward offers is De-cluttering and Organizing. Our De-cluttering professionals are confidential, efficient and non-judgmental.  We clear pathways, locate usable items and organize so that you feel less stressed and make the best use of your time to allow you to do the things that you really enjoy.

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