Emergency Medical Information

How to Store Emergency Medical Information On Your iPhone

Did you know your iPhone can also be a lifesaver in an emergency situation? If you have an iPhone with the current iOS8 update then pay attention to this important message!   With the new update, Apple created a new app called ‘Health’.


After you open the app, select the Medical ID icon.


Here you can enter all the emergency medical information that you would want a medical professional to know if you were unresponsive.

On the opening screen of your iPhone you will notice the word ‘Emergency’ in the bottom left corner.


How it can help a medical professional:

If you are unresponsive, a medical professional can click on that button without entering the passcode on your phone and it will access this screen:


This screen normally allows you or someone else to make an emergency phone call from your phone without having to first enter the passcode.  Notice the ‘Medical ID’ button in the bottom left corner.  This will take a medical professional to this screen:


What happens if your screen is locked?

Voila!  All your emergency medical information and contacts that you entered.  If you are ever in a car accident or somehow unconscious, medical professionals can bypass your locked screen and have access to this critical information.

So take a moment to update your phone and include this important information.  If you have an elderly relative or friend, it would be a good idea to input this information into their iPhone as well.  As more medical professionals learn about this and share the information, it has the potential to really make a difference during critical medical emergencies.



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