Estate Distribution in Redmond Washington

Estate Distribution, the joy of donating!

Estate Distribution can take many forms.  One of Moving Forward’s most rewarding project of last year was connecting a Moving Forward client with Sofia Way in Bellevue, Washington  Sofia Way is a great program that helps homeless women get back on their feet. At the end of a six month long education program, graduates are provided with a fully furnished apartment.

Storage fees add up.

Our client, call her Barb, had a storage locker with a complete 1-bedroom apartment in it.  She was living in Boston now and realized that she probably wasn’t going to move back to the Seattle area.   She wanted to quit paying the monthly fee, but how would she get her unit emptied without going to all of the expense and trouble of flying across the country?  She needed estate distribution in Redmond, Washington.

Call Moving Forward

The manager of the storage complex recommended Moving Forward to Barb.   Even though the storage manager knows that she’ll be losing a tenant, she has good heart and wants to help people who live out of town but need estate distribution in Redmond, Washington.

Barb explained to Moving Forward that she wanted all of the paperwork shipped to her in Boston and everything else donated as soon as possible.
We contacted Sophia Way, one of the charities that Moving Forward donates to on a regular basis.  Their mission is helping homeless women get back on their feet.  When a woman graduates from their program with fresh work and money management skills, they are awarded fully furnished a 1-bedroom apartment from which to launch a new life.

A Perfect Match.

As it happened Sofia Way had a client who was just about to graduate.So Barb was able to donate all of furniture, dishes and matching décor items in one fell swoop.  It was the fastest estate distribution in Redmond Washington ever.  Sophia Way loaded up everything and left a donation receipt for Barb.


Barb got to experience the joy of donating to a worthy cause.  And you should have seen the look on the Sophia Way client’s face.  She looked like she had just won the grand prize on “The Price is Estate Distribution, A perfect matchRight!”

Sophia Way is just one of the charities that we are able to support.  Park Place Assisted Living takes in frail, indigent seniors who may own nothing more than the clothes they are wearing.  The YWCA provides shelter for women and children escaping from domestic violence.


So if you need help with estate distribution in Redmond, Washington call Moving Forward.  We’ll ship you the items that you’d like to keep and make sure that the other things will find a home where they will be cherished.  You’ll receive the donation receipt for your taxes and experience the joy of donating.   Estate distribution in Redmond, Washington.

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