Estate Sale

What Can You Sell At An Estate Sale?

Estate Sales are more than just a garage or yard sale, they are typically held when a major event is or has occurred in someone’s life and a house full of possessions must be disposed of (preferably sold). Estate Sales aren’t only held when someone has passed away, people hold estate sales for a variety of other reasons:


  • Moving
  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce
  • Downsizing:  in today’s world, many seniors are doing major downsizing in order to move into smaller more affordable living accommodations.
  • Sometimes to do an overhaul on your house and make room for new “stuff”

Done correctly, an estate sale can earn a sizeable amount of money to pay off bills, moving costs or other expenses you may have.

Stories from Estate Sale Companies

I regularly hear stories from companies which conduct estate sales and auctions about all the things they have pulled out of the trash when people tried to “clean up” before they came. The saddest part is hearing that loads may have already been carted away to the dump.  Don’t let your family throw away money by assuming an item would have no value to a potential buyer.

What you can sell

To test your knowledge of what things can be sold in an estate sale or auction, pick out the sellable items from the following list:

  1. EstateSaleItems-MovingForwardInc Antique furniture
  2.  Old family photos
  3.  Case of Costco Toilet Paper
  4.  Old, used postcards
  5.  An empty Tonka truck box from 1952
  6.  Potted Plants
  7.  A broken radio from 1945
  8.  Costume jewelry (some broken)
  9.  Azaleas growing in the yard
  10.  A car
  11.  Sheets and towels
  12.  A collection of matchbooks from various locations
  13.  Diamond ring
  14.  Old ticket stubs
  15.  Paper-back books
  16.  Loveseat
  17.  Empty or half full bottles of perfume
  18.  Clothes
  19.  Old dolls and toys
  20.  Dishes and Glasses

Answer: Everything on the list and more! What about the ticket stubs, the old family photos, the broken radio; who would buy that? A collector. A person with nostalgia for a particular time period. A restaurant owner who wants to create a certain ambiance.

Strangely enough, the real money is in the clutter, since everybody who walks in the door usually buys a trinket or two. So don’t clean up and don’t throw anything away until the experts have a chance to take a look.

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