Getting Ready to Move in Redmond Washington

Getting ready to move in Redmond Washington

Ready, Sort Move!

Are you getting ready to move in Redmond, Washington?  Look around your house. Think about all of the items in your closets, the garage, and the attic. Clothes, accessories, tools, seasonal items. When you consider these things, does the thought of moving feel overwhelming?  Moving Forward has years of experience in advising seniors on the moving process and how to make sorting easy.

Ask not what “I can do without” but ask what “I need most.”

When getting ready to move in Redmond, Washington, many people start by saying to themselves, “I have too many things to fit in my new home.  What can I do without?”   But that’s a question that’s just exhausting to think about.

An easier place to start might be these questions: “What do I need the most?  What do I use the most?”

How much space will I have?

For example, when anticipating a move to a retirement apartment or senior community you might be looking at a serious downsizing! An obvious place to begin is by thinking about the furniture you need. You’ll probably need a bed, a dresser, and a night stand. You’ll want a lamp on the night stand, too, to provide illumination.

A floor plan is a good place to start.

Make a rough floor plan and sketch those pieces in.  This will help making sorting easy when getting ready to move in Redmond, Washington!

Will you have a living room? If so, then perhaps you will want to take a loveseat or two recliners, and a coffee or end table. Remember, however, that you want to allow at least two feet for walkways, or three feet if you require a wheelchair.  After you have most of the necessary furniture, then think about the things that you enjoy.   Do you like watching television?  If so, do you prefer to watch it in the living room or in bed?  Or maybe both?

Now, you can use your floor plan to see how to fit the television or televisions in.   When getting ready to move in Redmond, Washington, allow yourself to be creative.  Instead of an older TV, you might want to plan to treat yourself to a newer flat TV that hangs on the wall like a picture.

Or maybe you love books.  How many bookcases can comfortably fit along the walls?  Do you have some short bookcases that can fit under windows?  People with too many books to fit in a new apartment sometimes arrange to donate some of their books to their new community’s library.  It’s a great way to share your favorite books with others but still have them close by.

Once you’ve selected the furniture, try the same approach with the smaller items in your home.

Oh my!  The kitchen!

When getting ready to move in Redmond, Washington, consider the kitchen.  If the community will be providing most of your meals, then the most necessary items might be the pieces you’ll need for snacks.  Often people take 4 place settings and a coffee pot and a couple of sauce pans.   You can make sorting easy if you arrange the items you plan to take all together on a few shelves and in a few drawers, you’ll be able to see about how much space they take up. Then you can compare it to the cupboard in your new apartment.

When getting ready to move in Redmond, Washington, the prospect does not have to be overwhelming. Make it easy on yourself.  Start from the basics, with the most necessary items, and work up.  If you get stuck, you can always call on Moving Forward to help make sorting easy.  We help people relocate and downsize and declutter.

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