Got Books? Packing in Kenmore Washington

Got books? Packing in Kenmore, Washington.  Do you love to read?  Do you cherish your books?   Do you need to move?

That was us.  We love books.  Science fiction, fantasy, murder mysteries, and even some high falutin literature thrown in for good measure.  We basically decorated our house in books, floor to ceiling, basement to bedroom.  We’ve read them all and sometimes we read them again.  Yes, we got books!

But then we needed to move. Not that far, but even if you move two blocks you have to put everything in boxes.  And that was a whole lot of packing.  Way too much packing.  We’re in software.  That means, we’re employed more than full time.  We didn’t have time to even think about moving, let alone do it!

Our Realtor told us about Moving Forward.

We met with them for one day, a Saturday, and they didn’t even charge us extra for the weekend work.  We showed them where we wanted things in our new home.  We showed them our books. We showed them how our books were arranged in order and hoped that maybe they could try to at least keep the collections together.

That was it.  One day was all that we spent on our move. Moving Forward took it from there.  They packed our entire house.  They scheduled a moving company.  They arranged for our cats to stay overnight in a kennel, so they didn’t run away when the movers were in and out of the doors.

When Moving Forward was finished, every book was back in order as if they had moved whole bookshelves all at once.  It was amazing! And we never even missed one day of work.  Packing in Kenmore Washington

K and D in Kenmore, Washington

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