Harvest Vegetables

When do I Harvest Vegetables? 

Harvest Vegetable - Moving Forward Inc Redmond WAGardening is becoming more and more important in our lives, not only for enjoyment of growing your own vegetables, but also because there are so many processed foods now that have toxic chemicals and no flavor!  Our bodies, need organically and locally grown fruits and vegetables so that we can remain healthy and live long and happy lives.

If you have been gardening for a long time, you already know when to harvest your vegetables so that you get the maximum flavor.  For those who are gardening for the first time, here are some tips on harvesting some of the more commonly grown vegetables:

Harvesting Tips…

Snap Beans: Pick before the you can see the seeds bulging. They should snap easily into two. Check them every day!

Beets: They are ready any time after you see the beets shoulders peeking out at the soil line.

Harvesting Vegetables - Moving Forward Inc Redmond WACarrots: The tops of the carrot will show at the soil line and you can gauge when the diameter looks right for your variety. But you will need to pull one to be certain. Carrots can be left in the ground once mature. A light frost is said to improve and sweeten the carrot’s flavor.

Corn: About 3 weeks after the silks form, they will turn dry and brown. The kernels should exude a milky substance when pricked.

Cucumber:  Harvest once the head feels full and firm with a gentle squeeze.

Lettuce (Head):Harvest once the head feels full and firm with a gentle squeeze. Hot weather will cause it to bolt or go to seed rather than filling out.

Lettuce (Leaf): Harvest the outer leaves once the plant has reached about 4 inches in height. Allow the younger, inner leaves to grow. Leaf lettuce can be harvested in this fashion for most of the summer.

Tomatoes: Harvest tomatoes when they are fully colored and slightly soft to the touch. Gently twist and pull from the vine.

You see?  It is easy to know when to harvest, just keep tending and checking your garden and don’t forget to water your veggies in this hot weather!

Enjoy your yummy and healthy vegetables!




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