Help Me Clean a Closet in Kirkland Washington

Help me clean a closet in Kirkland, Washington.  I want to share a secret with you.  I know you won’t tell anyone.  Come with me and take a look at my bedroom closet.  I need to clean a closet in Kirkland, Washington.

See, it is a small closet that I share with my DH (Dear Hubby) and sometimes the cat.  We have a lovely closet organizer installed, this has been very helpful.  My part, the lower rod there, is about four feet long.  I have a few long things hanging on the far end behind the other door.  But that’s it.  That’s all of my clothes.

Well, except for the two closets in the laundry room.  One is for newly laundered things on hangers that are supposed to be carried upstairs and put in this closet.  The other is full of clothes I can’t part with –“special” clothes, and clothes that don’t fit right now.

The problem is that I can’t bring anything to this closet from the newly laundered closet because this one is too full of things that I don’t wear!  I need to clean a closet in Kirkland, Washington!

Why don’t I wear them? Well, either they don’t fit or I don’t like them (but I don’t want to admit that I bought something that I don’t like, probably on sale).  The logical thing would be to clean out this closet in Kirkland, Washington, so I can bring in the things that I do wear.  But, that is like admitting defeat!  So, every morning, I go downstairs to the laundry room to get the clean clothes while the unworn garments smugly occupy the prime real estate of my closet.

But today is the day. Today, with you here as my witness, I’m going to clean a closet in Kirkland, Washington.  I’m pulling out a few items to give myself some room to work.  Now, I’m declaring the right end of the closet for clothes that I do wear and the left for clothes that need to leave this closet.  Don’t criticize me for being silly; we all get ourselves into these spots sometimes.  Just help me be ruthless and honest today.  Together we can make this closet work.

Now, looking at that group on the left.  I’m going to pull out anything that is “special” or that I might wear if I lost another 10lbs.  This is okay.  I’m down 15lbs, so another 10 is a realistic expectation (yea me!). These will go to the overstuffed laundry room closet.  Shall I bag up the rest to be donated?  Sure, with your help, I can do that.  I think I’ll go put them in the trunk of the car right now.

And look!  Now I can bring the clean clothes up to the bedroom…..what a concept!

Thanks!  Next time you come by, we will clean that overstuffed laundry room closet in Kirkland, Washington.

Colleen Squier, Moving Forward, Inc.

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