How NOT to Move in Woodinville, Washington

How NOT to Move in Woodinville, Washington.  My friend, Caroline, shared with me the true story of her most recent move.  I just had to pass it on; it’s hilarious!

My story of how NOT to move:

1.    Decide when you’re 8 months pregnant that your house really isn’t big enough for a new baby and you must move.

2.    Walk around in circles in stunned disbelief that your offer price was accepted, your house is sold, and you really are moving.

3.    Do this walking around in circles for at least a week.  Picking up items, wondering if you should pack them, and then putting them down in random places.

4.    Come to terms with the reality of moving, and begin slowly packing things you haven’t used in years and probably don’t need.

5.    Alternate with your husband aimlessly walking around the house packing and then unpacking items (because you just might need them before moving day).  It works best if you’re packing while he unpacks.

6.    Enter into a panic phase and start cramming everything into boxes and leaving them right in the middle of the floor because, at eight months pregnant, they’re too heavy to move.

7.    Grossly underestimate the number of boxes needed to pack up a kitchen.  On moving day, use garbage pails, laundry bags, and grocery bags to pack the remaining items in the kitchen.

8.    Use pizza to bribe friends to help load a rented moving van.  Grit your teeth, look the other way, and hope for the best when you notice the lack of padding between furniture items in the moving van.

9.    Make sure your helpful friends unload all the boxes of baby items into the garage and block all access with towers of boxes containing vital things like old baseball cards, video cassettes, and yard tools.

10.    Resist the urge to scream, “Who thought it was a good idea to load chairs on top of my heirloom cedar chest??!” when you notice is has irreparable scratches.

11.    Sleep on the floor of your new home and wake up the next morning tired, hungry and nauseous with nothing to eat for breakfast and all the kitchen items still packed away.

12.    Block out all unpleasant memories of this move, and remain doomed to repeat this fiasco next time.

I sure wish I had known about Moving Forward back then.  Instead of chaos, the move would have been organized, calm, and easy.  Now that I know better, we are NEVER going to move again without help from Moving Forward!  How NOT to Move in Woodinville, Washington.

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