I Want to Keep My Pets!

Are You Downsizing But Want to Keep Your Pets?

DownsizingWithPets-MovingForwardIncAre you, or someone you know, a senior who wants to relocate and downsize, but you have a cat or dog that you don’t want to live without?

In the past relocating and downsizing with a pet might have been a challenge, but not anymore.  The great news is that with  the increasing evidence of health benefits conferred on the owners of pets:

  • They are loving companions, friends, who help keep depression from loneliness away.
  • Taking care of their needs gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning.
  • Dogs keep you moving…when you walk and exercise them, you exercise yourself.
  • A barking dog is a warning to possible intruders.
  • You have a purpose, you are needed; your pet needs you.
  • Pets help lower blood pressure and reduce stress.
  • Pets can lift your spirit.
  • Your pet will love you unconditionally!

The whole retirement industry is changing…many communities are now happy to have cats and dogs living in apartments with residents.

Still there are other challenges…

SeniorWalkingDog-MovingForwardIncWill I have to walk my dog every time she needs to go out?”

Many people choose ground floor apartments, where it is easy to let the dog out of the sliding glass door for a few minutes.

“My cat loves to go outside, but he doesn’t always come back when I call her.”

One of my clients came up with a most ingenious solution for her indoor/outdoor cat.  She taught her cat to ride in a child’s stroller.  The cat enjoyed his outings so much that he jumped into the stroller every time she brought it out of the closet.   All she needed to do was to zip up the mosquito netting to secure him in the seat and they were ready to stroll through parks and even along the sides of busy streets.

A Community Pet

Relocating With Pets - Moving Forward“I’d like a dog, but they are too much work.”

Some retirement communities have their own a house dog.  In Overlake Terrace for instance, I have been surprised to be joined in the elevator by a small, furry companion making the rounds from apartment to apartment on his own.

Retirement living doesn’t mean living without pets at all.  Bring your own, or choose a community with its own pets.

Contact us today to see how a move management company, like Moving Forward, can make your next move easy.

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