Essentials of Long Term Care Planning

 Three in Four Need More


Do you have insurance to repair damage to your car?  Do you have insurance to protect your house in case of theft, fire or flood?  Most of us do, because it makes sense to protect ourselves from the financial shock of those kinds of emergencies.


Did you know that three out of four Americans will need a caregiver of some kind to help them in the activities of daily living as they age?  Did you know that Medicare does NOT pay for such care?

That’s why long term care planning is a hot topic right now.  Long lives and advances in medicine continue to build the “Silver Tsunami” bearing down on the United States right now. 

At the rate of 10,000 a day for the next 19 years, boomers turn 65 and will eventually need, as many of their parents already need, caregivers and resources. 

It is easy to see that this massive increase in need will overwhelm already strained families and Federal and State programs.  

Learn how to prepare yourself and your family to survive and thrive with “Essentials of Long Term Care Planning,” co-authored by my friend, Andria Bovey.  Click here to get your complimentary copy of the Essentials of Long Term Care Planning booklet: 

Do my husband and I have Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance?  You bet we do!  

Everyone I know who works with seniors in their career has already purchased  LTC Insurance, because we know firsthand what enormous challenges befall those who don’t have it.  

The younger you are when you sign up, the less it costs.  And remember, like any insurance, by the time you know that you need it, it is too late to buy it. 

 Be prepared!

 About Andria Bovey

Andria Bovey specializes in long term care planning.  She can incorporate traditional long term care insurance as well as fixed and indexed annuities, combo/hybrid insurance products pairing life insurance with long term care benefits to bring security to almost every situation.  She works with individuals, businesses and associations. 

Andria is a one stop shop, AND she is LTC Partnership certified. 



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