Martin Luther King Day of Service

Martin Luther King Day of Service

Martin Luther King Jr. - Moving ForwardNational Holiday!

Every January since 1983 we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr as a federal holiday.

Did you know that in 1994 Congress designated his birthday as a national day of service to take place on the third Monday in January?  This is the only federal holiday observed as a national day of service.

Last year, United Way of King County, who coordinates the local efforts, saw 1600 people log 7000 hours during the Martin Luther King Day of Service.  These volunteers worked on 85 different projects in our community.

An opportunity to “Pay it Forward”

Martin Luther King  day of service is one way of “Giving Back” or perhaps “Paying Forward.”

We, at Moving Forward, are often touched by the way our clients are concerned about “giving back” to the community when they are parting with belongings.  Whether it is asking about recycling disposable materials or finding someone who can use their still serviceable items, there is an almost universal desire to find a use for these items.

We have compiled a list of community services that can use various types of these items, as well as information about responsible recycling which we share with clients.  Knowing that their no longer needed items are being put to good use can make their downsizing or decluttering project less a matter of discarding and more one of helping others. this year!

This year the Martin Luther King Day of Service will be on January 21st.  Check with the United Way website to find opportunities near you to participate.


Let uThe Moving Forward Gangs help with your decluttering and downsizing.




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