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Don’t Lose Your Toothbrush in the Move!

ToothbrushlostinMove-MovingForwardIncMoving!  What a whopping, disruptive, pain in the ….. body part of your choice.

Remember your last move?  You saved up boxes from the grocery store weeks in advance. Your living room got jammed and the whole house smelled like fish with a subtle undertone of rotten peaches. Your friends helped you pack, but they didn’t write on the boxes what they had packed. They left when the beer ran out, and you finished packing by moonlight.

The next morning you slept through the alarm clock, and you woke to the sound of the moving company banging on your door.

“Uhggggg. Coffee. Need coffee!”

Is Everything Already Packed?

But wait, where’s the coffee maker? Oh no. Who packed the coffee maker? And what box did they put it in?!ToiletPaperPackedinMove

You can’t dig it out; the movers are already hauling out the boxes. Then you learn that the bathroom has no toilet paper. So who thought it was a good idea to pack all the toilet paper?!!!

The fun just keeps on coming until late in the evening when you’re just too tired to unpack one more box. That’s when you realize you haven’t yet located your pillows, sheets or toothbrush. Whatever. You’re tired enough to sleep on rocks.

But it’s the next morning when you realize the worst. Your cell phone charger is also missing.

How about making your next move different? Because you’re older. You’re wiser.

And so are your friends. They aren’t willing to work for beer anymore. And the old plan wouldn’t work anyway. You have more stuff.  A lot more stuff.  You’re going to need a serious upgrade to make it run smoothly this time.

Managing your move efficiently

Did you know there is a whole new industry called move management which specializes in making moving easy? Did you know they have tried and true strategies to prevent all those moving mishaps? Did you know that even do-it-yourselfers can skip the hassles and avoid expensive mistakes by beginning with investing in an hour or two of consulting?

Setting up the new homeBetter yet, you could treat yourself to a full service move and not miss a beat in your busy life. Let the professionals do the planning, the packing and the unpacking. You won’t need to miss a single day at work. You’ll sleep in your
own bed the night before the move. The next evening you’ll come to your new home with everything unpacked and put away, the beds made and towels out. You’ll find the coffee pot in the kitchen, the electric toothbrush in the bathroom, and the cell phone charger back on the same side of your desk as it was before.

The full service move is perfect for the busy professional, the high performance family, a person going through a divorce, families with young children, and basically anyone who wants their life to keep running smoothly through a move.

Contact us today to see how a move management company, like Moving Forward, can make your next move easy.


**originally published 9/27/11

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