Moving Checklist

Don’t Try Moving Without a Checklist!

MovingCrystalBall-MovingForwardIncMoving to a new home really starts months ahead of the actual moving day. Summer time is the busiest time of the year for movers. In addition, the beginning and end of each month are traditionally busier than mid-month, regardless of the season. If you are planning to move during one of these times, plan well in advance so your mover’s schedule will fit yours.

Regardless of when you decide to move, planning ahead and budgeting for your plan is the only way to ensure that your move comes off without many hiccups and disasters. Of course, you can’t see into the future, but planning ahead can help you avoid hiccups and disasters for a smoother moving experience.

Here is an excellent Moving Checklist:

  1. 3 Months Ahead –
    1. Create a moving budget
    2. Create a moving file folder
    3. Gather estimates
    4. Confirm moving date
  2. 2 ½ Months Ahead –
    1. Essential papers
    2. List of things that can’t be moved
    3. Contact Estate Sale and/or Auction companies to determine sales
  3. 2 Months Ahead –
    1. Floor plan
    2. New contacts at destination – e.g. Doctor’s appointments
    3. Copies of medical files
  4. 1 ½ Months Ahead –
    1. Veterinarian
    2. Insurance for items in transit
    3. Valuables, jewelry, documents and safe deposit contents
  5. 1 Month Ahead –
    1. PreparingtoMove-MovingForwardIncContact Packing/Moving assistance
    2. Pack out of season items
    3. Make travel arrangements for pet
    4. Transfer of health club memberships, cable, utilities, change of address
  6. 3 weeks Ahead – 
    1. Confirm travel arrangements for family, rental cars, lodging
    2. Cancel newspaper and/or start in new location
    3. Reconfirm move date with moving company
    4. Automobiles – check before long trips, transfer auto registration, copies of maintenance records
  7. 2 weeks Ahead – 
    1. Dispose of unmovables…(flammables/poisons) at hazmat site
    2. Notify bank of closing accounts, safe deposit boxes or transferring to new bank
    3. Have garage sale
    4. Pick up prescriptions – be sure you have enough to last you through the move
    5. Schedule house cleaner
  8. 1 Week Ahead – 
    1. Reconfirm details with mover including special instructions, crating etc.
    2. Close safe deposit box
    3. Do full backup on computer
  9. A few days Ahead –
    1. Empty refrigerator, garbage cans and clean all appliances
    2. Drain hoses
    3. Make arrangements for your kids and pets to be elsewhere on “Moving Day”
    4. Pack an overnight/emergency bag.
  10. Moving Day
    1. Pack everything the movers are not taking and put it in your car
    2. Make sure you have all your valuables and overnight/emergency bag.

Call on the professionals at Moving Forward to assist you with your organizing plan, packing and for all your coordination needs.


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