The Perfect Storm

Avoid Chaos on Moving Day

Moving Day Chaos - Moving ForwardSo many things, big and small, can go wrong on moving day.  Most of us figure we know how to avoid the big problems and do a pretty good job of it. However, the little things can still create chaos.

Moving day can seem like the “Perfect Storm!”

Let me tell you about Ann’s mother’s china closet; she’s incredibly proud of it. It’s been in her home for fifty years and the items inside reflect years of collecting and enjoyment. It’s a lovely piece of furniture, with curved glass doors and inside lighting to show off the shiny treasures. Her new home had been partly selected because there was a perfect place for this item. Ann and her sister took pictures of the contents before removing and delicately packaging each piece, using tissue and peanuts to avoid breakage.

The movers arrived, professionally wrapped the cabinet and moved it to her new place. It arrived with the glass doors intact and was carefuly refilled with the treasures. The pictures helped with placement of the items into their proper places. Ann stood back and admired the refilled china closet.  But there was one minor problem; the lights were not on.

That is when the realization hit. There was a cord from the china closet that had to be plugged into a wall outlet. Where was the outlet? Was there an outlet? If so, was it totally behind the china closet? Oh no! Moving Day - Retirement DownsizingFor three horrible seconds Ann wondered if they would have unload the entire cabinet to move it in order to plug in the cord.

Three horrible seconds until she reached the other side of the furniture and saw to her intense relief, a humble electrical outlet perfectly positioned for use.


Avoid chaos on moving day by locating the important outlets ahead of time. Not just electrical outlets. Remember your fax machine needs a phone jack. The TV needs a nearby cable jack. Do you need a phone or TV in your bedroom? Locate the jacks ahead of time to avoid unpleasant surprises on moving day.

At Moving Forward, we deal with these issues all the time. Part of helping clients plan their move is to help them decide where to place furniture (and this includes locating appropriate outlets). Usually it works out, but sometimes it means contacting the cable company, for example, and installing a new outlet.  When this is done ahead of time, you can minimize chaos on moving day. Call us, we can help you have a smoother, less stormy move.

Welcome Home!


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