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Countdown to Moving Day 

MovingDayChecklist-MovingForwardIncMoving can be a huge complicated project, especially when you don’t do it frequently enough to know how to avoid all of the potential missteps. Read on for a comprehensive checklist for the do-it-yourself move.

Or skip all of that and just hire a move management company like Moving Forward who can complete this whole list in less than 2 weeks.

Plan Your Move Ahead of Time

3 Months Ahead

  • Create a moving file folder.  Let this be your one-stop gathering spot for every piece of paper and note you make regarding the move.
  • Gather estimates.  Call reputable movers and schedule them to come out and give you an estimate, in writing, of the total cost of your move.
  • Create a moving budget.  From the estimates you gather, formulate a budget (including boxes, packing paper, and travel or hotel) listing costs you might incur during the move.
  • Pick a mover and confirm moving date.  This is very important.  Reserve your date with the mover as far in advance as possible. Dates fill up quickly, especially in the spring and summer towards the end of the month.  Plan ahead for best price and convenience with your schedule.

2 ½ Months Ahead

  • Essential papers.  Gather up the most important documents in the house (wills, deeds, titles, passports, etc.)   You will want to move these yourself and know where they are during the packing process.
  • List the items you do not want the movers to take.  Take inventory of all the most important, sentimental or valuable items which you don’t want the movers to take.  Plan ahead for how you or a family member will transport those items from old location to new (or another location).
  • Contact estate sale and/or auction companies to determine sale potential.  Don’t throw anything away! There can be money in the items you don’t want.  Have a professional come and view your attic/garage/basement to determine whether an estate sale or auction is a profitable idea. An estate sale will take place after you have moved out.

2 Months Ahead

  • Floor plan.  Get some graph paper and sketch out room sizes and the size of the furniture you want to move. Invest a little time to make sure everything will fit in the new space. This will prevent you from spending money to move things you don’t have room for in the new place.

1 ½ Months Ahead

  • Insurance for items in transit.  Talk to your insurance provider and the moving company to verify policy limits and coverage. Decide if you need any additional policies or coverage.
  • Valuables, Jewelry, Documents and Safe Deposit contents.  Make a final list of these items and photograph them. Be clear as to whether you or the mover will transport them.

1 Month Ahead

  • Pack out of season items.  Now’s the time to get serious. If you don’t need it, it goes in a box and gets sealed at this point.
  • Make travel arrangements for pet.  Confirm airline reservations and paperwork needed. Get final shots, if needed, for your pet.
  • Transfer of cable, utilities, change of address.  Now’s the time to make all those calls to end/transfer services.

3 weeks Ahead

  • Confirm travel arrangements for family, rental cars, lodging.
  • Cancel newspaper and/or start in new location.
  • Reconfirm move date with moving company.
  • Keep packingThe house should be filling up with boxes at this point. Or, have Moving Forward coming in at the last minute so you don’t have to live in a sea of boxes!  We can get it done quickly and efficiently, we’re professionals.

2 weeks Ahead

  • Dispose of unmovable items (alcohol, flammable materials, or poisons) at hazmat site. The moving companies will not transport these.
  • Schedule house cleaner to come in after the movers.
  • Serious packing.  Getting down to the wire. Most of the house should be packed except for bathrooms, kitchen and bare minimum of clothing to get through the next few weeks.

1 Week Ahead

  • Reconfirm details with mover – including special instructions, crating etc.
  • Pack Your Kitchen.  Just leave out a few pans to cook with and a few dishes to eat and drink from, or use paper plates.
  • Pack your bathrooms.  Leave out just what you need. Think of a hotel bathroom.

A Few Days Ahead

  • Empty refrigerator, garbage cans and clean all appliances.
  • Drain hoses.
  • Make arrangements for your kids and pets to be elsewhere on Moving Day.
  • Pack an overnight/emergency bag.

Moving Day

  • Pack everything the movers are not taking and put it in your car.
  • Make sure you have all your valuables and overnight/emergency bag.

Whew! Now, take a breath and let the movers load it all up. The hard part is almost over.
Now you just need to do the unpacking at the destination….Which usually takes about the same amount of time that it took to pack.

Don’t want to do all that work?
Give Moving Forward a call and find out to reduce this giant list to just three steps.

  1. Tell us which items you would like to move, where you are moving to and when.
  2. Watch the magic unfold.
  3. Come into your new home on the evening of move day to find everything unpacked, put away, the beds made and the towels out.

We can do it all from start to finish or just the parts you don’t want to do.
Don’t you deserve an easy move for once?   Contact Moving Forward Inc.



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