Moving Day Stress

How to Avoid Moving Day Stress

Toto Where are You?

Moving Day Stress - Moving Forward Inc Redmond WAStress from moving day can seem like we are Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.  First you are on your quiet little farm in Kansas and then suddenly, a tornado hits and you are sucked up in to the middle of a twister!

Everything is flying around in a flurry of hurry and confusion! Then, just as  suddenly, everything is dropped down in a completely different world and you realize that you are not in Kansas anymore!

A Moving Day Story

A friend’s mother was moving to a new apartment and like we all do, she had some special items that meant a lot to her.  Her china cabinet was a special piece of furniture that had been in her family for more that fifty years. Inside the cabinet were collectables that she treasured for many years.

The china cabinet was very well kept and had curved glass doors and lights inside to show off the beloved treasures.  In fact, her new apartment was chosen as it had the perfect place to show off her cabinet. Pictures of the cabinet and the treasures inside were taken and everything was carefully and lovingly packed with lots of tissue and peanuts so that everything would arrive in the same condition in which it left.

Moving Day Chaos - Moving ForwardThe movers carefully moved the cabinet into her new apartment. When the cabinet arrived it was in perfect condition and with the help of the photographs all of the beloved treasures were gently placed back inside the cabinet.  Standing back and admiring the beautiful treasures, Ann’s mother realized that the lights weren’t on inside the cabinet.

That is when the realization struck her right between the eyes.  You have to plug the cord to the cabinet into a wall outlet so that the light would come on to illuminate the beautiful treasures inside! Where was the outlet? Was there an outlet nearby?  Would she need an unsightly extension cord? Was it behind the cabinet?  Would she have to unload the entire cabinet?  Would she have to move the cabinet by herself?  Would she have to move to a new place?  Panic started to sync in; bedlam and turmoil and stress!  Oh My!

Three horrible seconds until Ann’s mother ran to the other side of the cabinet and saw to her immense relief, an electrical outlet perfectly positioned as if it was placed there just for her cabinet.

Stress begone…Over the rainbow and home!

To keep from feeling that panic of bedlam and turmoil and stress, Oh My!, on Moving Day look for the important outlets, phone and fax jacks before you move. In addition, what about the TV and computer cable jacks?   Do you want a phone, computer and TV in your bedroom?  Locate the jacks ahead of time to avoid the flurry and stress on moving day.

At Moving Forward, we do this all the time.  Part of helping clients plan their move is to help them decide where to place furniture.  That includes locating appropriate outlets.  Usually it works out, but sometimes it means contacting the cable company for example and getting a new outlet.  If this is done ahead of time, you can avoid chaos on moving day.

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